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What are some examples of retaliation at work?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Employment Law |

Upon encountering some form of unlawful behavior at work, many individuals may feel it necessary to protect their interests by reporting the matter to the proper parties. However, preparing to file such a report can seem a daunting endeavor and some may choose to forgo confronting the situation out of fear of the repercussions it might bring. Retaliation can take on various forms and individuals in Hawaii who encounter unjust treatment may have questions about how to protect their rights. 

The examples 

While there are laws that protect workers against retaliation stemming from involvement in protected activities, such issues continue to occur. In some cases, retaliation could affect a worker’s career by leading to a poor performance evaluation in response to a previous incident. Those who counter such issues may also face the possibility of being unlawfully demoted or being transferred to another department altogether. 

Workplace retaliation could also take the form of constant verbal abuse and increased scrutiny and being subjected to similar measures can be a harrowing process. In some cases, similar treatment may act to increase the difficulty of one’s job and leave a person wondering if changing jobs or careers might be necessary. Regardless of what form it takes, facing retaliation for involvement in protected activities can take a devastating toll on various areas of a person’s career and life. 

Protecting against retaliation 

Although there are laws in place to protect workers against the trials of retaliation, it might not always be possible to prevent such issues from occurring. Those who encounter unjust behavior at work and remain uncertain how best to protect against the challenges involved could consider retaining the services of an attorney for guidance. An attorney can help a client better understand his or her legal rights and options and assist in preparing to address the situation through the appropriate outlets.