A lot of people ask me about why I charge a Consultation Fee of $300. Employment Law is different from other areas of the law. For example, with a traffic accident case, a lawsuit can be filed shortly after the accident. So a number of attorneys provide free consultations to individuals because a decision on filing a lawsuit can be made shortly after.

For people with Employment Law issues, the situation is a lot more complicated. Employment law requires employees and former employees to follow a “process” or protocol in order to address their issues. The purpose of meeting with me is to find out where you are in that required process and what options you may have.

The consultation fee is to make sure that only people who are serious about pursuing a path that may result in a lawsuit meet with me. The fee is also based on my years of training and experience to help guide you to the next steps. You are getting the benefit of my real world experience in employment law and other areas of the law. That is why a Consultation Fee is required.

Helping Clients With Probate And Estate Litigation Through Practice And Care

After someone close to us dies and their estate goes through probate, the process can be complicated and contentious. Legal issues and disputes arise frequently when there is a lack of clarity in a will or interested parties disagree on who should get the assets. It takes legal experience and skill to obtain results in these cases.

At the law firm of Ted H.S. Hong Attorney at Law, LLLC, Ted Hong represents clients throughout Hawaii in all types of probate claims. He knows the legal process and the procedures involved. He can help you through the probate process and protect your rights in any type of estate and probate dispute.

Helping You In All Kinds Of Probate Claim

He represents clients in claims involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Lack of capacity
  • Undue influence disputes
  • Lack of capacity due to unsound mind
  • Elder exploitation
  • Trust disputes

These are just a few of the common types of probate cases he handles for his clients. If any issues may arise in your case, he can help you.

Legal And Local Knowledge

He has been serving this area in Hawaii for many years. He knows his local culture, and the local businesses and interests here. He will help you through the legal process in a way that protects your reputation and the relationships that are important to you. He will handle your case with professionalism and discretion. For more than three decades, his clients have trusted him to help them through the probate process.

Contact The Law Firm For A Consultation

The best place to start if you are facing challenges in probate is to talk with an attorney to learn more about your rights and options. Call the firm’s Hilo office at 808-796-5915 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation.