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For people with Employment Law issues, the situation is a lot more complicated. Employment law requires employees and former employees to follow a “process” or protocol in order to address their issues. The purpose of meeting with me is to find out where you are in that required process and what options you may have.

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Sexual harassment continues to plague the workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Employment Law |

The workplace should be a safe environment free from issues of discrimination and harassment. Unfortunately, many workers — many of them women — continue to deal with issues of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has persisted even as remote work has risen in popularity among employers in Hawaii. 

Women do not feel safe 

A survey from 2017 found that around 80% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment is not a problem exclusive to in-person workplaces, either. More than 25% of remote workers have been on the receiving end of unwanted online sexual behavior, often via email, Zoom, Google Hangouts, text messages or more. 

Employers must do more 

Employers can help limit the prevalence of sexual harassment by taking clear, concise steps toward creating a better and safer work environment. One excellent approach is a zero-tolerance policy. Those who believe that their actions will not be tolerated and that they will lose their jobs are much less likely to engage in sexual harassment. Other steps that can go a long way toward creating a safe work culture include: 

  • Providing thorough sexual harassment training 
  • Enlisting employee help 
  • Quickly and decisively addressing sexual harassment when it occurs 

The impact of sexual harassment often linger, impacting a victim’s ability to do things like advance in her career or even maintain employment. The financial implications are often devastating. Although nothing can undo the harm already inflicted, victims of sexual harassment in Hawaii can certainly seek compensation and hold their employers responsible via careful legal action.