A lot of people ask me about why I charge a Consultation Fee of $300. Employment Law is different from other areas of the law. For example, with a traffic accident case, a lawsuit can be filed shortly after the accident. So a number of attorneys provide free consultations to individuals because a decision on filing a lawsuit can be made shortly after.

For people with Employment Law issues, the situation is a lot more complicated. Employment law requires employees and former employees to follow a “process” or protocol in order to address their issues. The purpose of meeting with me is to find out where you are in that required process and what options you may have.

The consultation fee is to make sure that only people who are serious about pursuing a path that may result in a lawsuit meet with me. The fee is also based on my years of training and experience to help guide you to the next steps. You are getting the benefit of my real world experience in employment law and other areas of the law. That is why a Consultation Fee is required.

Possible benefits of mediation in business disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Business & Commercial Law |

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which conflict might arise between two or more parties in virtually any type of business relationship. Business disputes can be hotly contested matters that might place a strain on everyone involved, and finding a way to seek an acceptable resolution could seem a complex task at times. When facing business disputes, individuals in Hawaii could find it helpful to explore the possible benefits of outlets such as mediation. 

What mediation may have to offer 

Studies indicate that there could be numerous potential benefits to exploring mediation as a means of dispute resolution. With mediation, the parties involved may be free to negotiate the issues at hand with a third party, which might allow them greater control over the direction of the situation. It may also be helpful to know that mediation is a voluntary process, and one may still retain the right to pursue a resolution through other means should negotiations fail to prove fruitful. 

Business owners may also find that resolving disputes via mediation might also be one of the most cost-effective paths available. Similar paths might also act to keep the matter private, while other outlets may be more public in nature. Those who can resolve disputes through mediation may also have a greater chance of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement and salvaging business relationships. 

Is mediation a viable path? 

Although mediation may be a common outlet through which to resolve business disputes, such a path might not always be viable in every scenario. When facing similar issues, business owners in Hawaii who remain uncertain of how best to handle the situation could find it helpful to consult with an attorney for advice on their options and the possible advantages and disadvantages of each in turn. An attorney can work with a client in examining the situation and provide insight in choosing a path through which to seek the best outcome possible concerning his or her company interests.