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Possible types of work hour violations

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Employment Law |

There may be a variety of financial components involved with an agreement between employers and employees in Hawaii and across the nation. This could include anything from terms on pay rates and schedules to vacation time or sick pay, and disputes over such issues can be highly contested matters at times. Knowing some of the most common types of wage and hour violations could help mitigate the risks of similar issues and protect the interests of everyone involved. 

Wage and hour violations may come in numerous forms and disputes stemming from similar issues could place significant strain on employers and employees alike. Some examples of such violations may include: 

  • Payment violations:  Experts indicate that failure to pay employees for compensable work times remains a common example of a type of wage and hour violation. 
  • Vacation compliance:  While each employer may also have its own set of rules pertaining to vacation pay, there may also be certain state regulations for unused vacation time and violating these rules could prompt dire ramifications. 
  • Work commission:  Another example of a type of wage and hour violation might pertain to scenarios in which employees do not receive compensation for work-related commissions or bonuses. 
  • Classification errors:  Pay rates and avenues of compensation may also depend on a worker’s classification and issues with misclassification continue to be a source of violation. 

There may also be certain rules and regulations pertaining to overtime work and pay rates and adhering to these rules could be vital to fending off an undesirable result. 

Regardless of how it happens, the presence of wage and hour violations could take a dire toll on all parties involved. When facing disputes of this nature, a person in Hawaii could consider seeking insight on his or her legal rights and options by speaking with an attorney prior to choosing a path forward. An attorney can address the situation a client is facing, provide insight on how best to approach the situation, and assist in navigating every stage of the subsequent process.