What constitutes a hostile workplace in Hawaii?

| Jun 1, 2021 | Employment Law |

Going to work is not always a pleasure, especially if a worker knows that challenges will be encountered in the workplace, such as trying to meet a deadline on a big project that is due. Many Hawaii workers also face problems at work because of a hostile environment. Every employee has the right to reasonably expect a safe workplace. A hostile work environment exists when a boss, co-worker or other person commits actions or exhibits behavior that make it impossible for a targeted employee to do his or her job.

Hostile work environment issues can be complex

Not every manager or boss in Hawaii is a good one. Having a boss who is not good can make it difficult for workers to excel in their duties. However, being bad at one’s job does not necessarily mean there is a hostile work environment. Federal law categorizes a hostile work environment as a form of workplace discrimination based on abusive behavior that targets a worker because of age, race, gender, faith or other issues, such as pregnancy or disability.

Evidence of a hostile work environment

If a manager is frustrated and shouts, it does not necessarily mean that a hostile work environment has been created against a specific employee. On the other hand, if a boss or co-worker berates an employee because of one or more of the issues noted above, it may constitute abusive behavior toward a particular person. Trying to function in a hostile work environment is stressful and traumatic, and can even have adverse effects on one’s physical health, such as developing headaches or stomach upset induced by stress.

Hawaii employment law protects workers

A worker who has been targeted in a hostile work environment may file seek legal recourse against the person or entity deemed responsible. This type of litigation is typically stressful and complicated. An experienced employment law attorney can speak and act on behalf of a worker in court, in pursuit of monetary damages and related relief.